The Best Military Dive Watches for Men in 2017

The Best Military Dive Watches for Men in 2017

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While the total number of watch models available on the market may seem limitless, the types of watches available are much more finite. Some would fit the description of outdoors-oriented, tough and gritty machines. Others can be best described as super smart gadgets, while yet another group might serve as elegant fashion-inclined design solutions.

Military dive watches definitely fit the first category. They are the toughest watches you can find, able to withstand the full force of nature’s elements in addition to deep submersion underwater. Some of these durable watches will even pack in extra features in addition to their time keeping duty. The following models are the best-selling and most highly reviewed military dive watches on the market, along with brief descriptions of their unique features.

Luminox Men’s 3001 Navy Seal Dive Watch

Price: $183.18
You save: $191.82 (51 %)
Luminox Men's 3001 Quartz Navy Seal Dive Watch

This Luminox Navy Seal Dive Watch is definitely a tough piece ready for action. The original purpose of this model was purely to be worn by Navy Seals during their night missions, making it probably the most relevant “military dive watch” in existence. It features a carefully positioned set of small luminescent lamps used especially for tracing. It doesn’t require “recharging” of the luminescent cells in order to glow in the dark, as the innovative technology employed for this watch has tiny gas-lights which are self-powered. The strap is a silky black rubber that feels great on the wrist, and is sure to hold up well against wind, water, and aggressive weather.

Victorinox Swiss Army 241421 Dive Master

Price: --
Victorinox Swiss Army Men's 241421 Dive Master Black Dial Watch

For precisely built dive watch that can survive anything, the Swiss Army’s 241421 model is a great fit. This Victorinox model was constructed primarily with resilience and performance in mind, and is made up of the best materials available for watches. The piece is water resistant up to an incredible 500 M (1,640 feet) which is among the highest on the market. The case is built of Gunmetal steel coated with PVD, and toned in a silver-resembling nuance. The dial is sapphire, protecting luminous hands and Swiss quartz movement. The watch is deadly accurate, and is definitely one of the best high end dive watches available.

Timex T2N958 Adventure Series Dive Watch

Price: $179.99
You save: $45.01 (20 %)
Timex Men's T2N958 Intelligent Quartz Adventure Series Depth Gauge Yellow Resin Strap Watch

This attractive Timex model with a fluorescent yellow strap represents a practical and budget friendly diver’s watch with many additional options that can come in handy outdoors. For example, it has a built-in depth sensor which can be an interesting and pragmatically utilized feature in your underwater diving exploits. The watch also features a newly designed stainless steel case, which is enhanced by the black protective finish. The complaint that some people have with this model is that with an aggressive style of diving, this watch may let in some water, forcing you to send it back for repairs (which, mercifully, people at Timex do very efficiently).

Tissot Men’s ‘Seastar 1000’ Dive Watch

Price: $424.01
You save: $270.99 (39 %)
Tissot Men's T066.417.17.057.00 'Seastar 1000' Black Dial Black Rubber Strap Swiss Quartz Watch

This imported Swiss diving watch has advanced features as well as a sophisticated design and appealing aesthetic. The piece features 3 sub-dials- one for 30 minutes, 60 seconds, as well as 1/10 of a second. It is water resistant to 300 m (984 ft), definitely among the best available on the dive watch market. The super-luminova hands and markings ensure that the time is easy to read in any condition. The case is also built with a helium valve, which automatically depressurizes the watch when necessary. While many watches are either automatic or solar powered, this model is quartz, and is probably a safer bet if you are worried about keeping the piece powered.

Momentum M50 Mark II Military Dive Watch

Price: --
Momentum Men's 1M-DV52B1B M50 Mark II Military Inspired Black Rubber Watch

If it’s toughness and resilience that you’re looking for in a watch, but aren’t necessarily planning to use it primarily for diving expeditions, than the Momentum M50 Mark II may be a good fit. The Mark II is primarily used by military and police, and unsurprisingly, it comes with all the features a person in that line of work might consider important. A stainless steel case, 500-meter water resilience, sapphire crystal, super luminous hands, and an extra durable battery are among the highlights. If you’re the type of guy who appreciates quality products but doesn’t feel the need to show off with flashy colors and designs, the Mark II would be a great choice.