Bulova Skeleton Watches – 5 Reviews

bulova skeleton watches

While not as prestigious as luxury brands such as Breitling or Rolex, Bulova manufactures some of the finest timepieces in the worlds. Their watches are precise and designed with a high degree of finesse. Bulova’s skeleton watches allows you to see their fine engineering at work. These are definitely classy watches that will turn heads and start conversations. I’ve highlighted five Bulova skeleton watches, all priced between $200-300.

Bulova Men’s 96A144 Automatic Skeleton Watch

Definitely the most unique design on this list, the 96A144 is a silver colored, rectangular watch with a dark black band. The dial face is a white, modern pattern. The hour markings are just outside of the skeleton display while the second markings rest up on the border of the case. The skeleton display clearly showcases the inner workings of the watch.  Also, there’s even an “exhibition case back” on the opposite side where one can see even more mechanisms and machinery. The 96A144 is, in a sense, almost fully skeletal. Due to the dual skeleton displays, one you can see almost all of the working parts of the timepiece. This watch functions not just as a timepiece but as a conversation piece as well.

Bulova Skeleton Watch 96A120 BVA

I think “luscious” is a perfect word to describe this timepiece. The dial case, hour hands, second hands and hour markings are all trimmed with a rose gold colored stainless steel. This gives the watch a warm look and feel. The dial face is a nice jet black with subtle grid pattern underneath the watch hands. Also, similar to the previous watch, the second markings are on the rim of the watch face. The skeleton display is a chronograph sub dial which showcases some of the jeweled bearings.  The strap is a succulent, crocodile-embossed, brown leather.

Bulova Men’s 98A123 BVA-SERIES Automatic Skeleton Watch

Probably the most luxurious in appearance, the 98A123 all metal watch is attractive and functional. It comes with skeleton display second, hour and chronograph subdials. The watch face is a brilliant while with a gold colored trim. The hour markings are classic solid black roman numerals, reminiscent of a grandfather clock. Inside of the hour markings is a second marker rings. It’s a simple series of dashes in a ring around the dial hands. Another decorative ring, gold-colored, sits inside of this one. It also sports simple dashes for hour markings. Part of the dial face center is textured with two gold colored divots for decoration. Overall, it’s the same basic layout of the 96A120 but all metal and comes in a different color scheme.

Bulova Men’s Skeleton Watch 97A109 160 Mechanical

Unlike the other four models on this list, the Bulova Series 160 is indeed a mechanical watch. The movement is hand wound. So, if not worn every day, you will have to remember to wind the watch. Other than this difference, the 97A109 is fairly similar in appearance to the 96A120. The case and watch face features are accented with rose gold-colored stainless steel. The hour markers are simple white bands ringed with the same rose-gold colored steel. There is a second marker ring on the very rim of the dial face. The second hand has the signature Bulova tuning fork on the back as a balance. For a skeleton display, there is a chronograph subdial.

Bulova Accutron II Alpha Collection Skeleton Watch 97A110

Paying homage to its 1960’s designs, the Accutron II is a signature, classic style watch. The dial face is a deep, billiard table green with the first layer of internal workings exposed underneath the dial hands. The skeleton display is pretty large, taking up most of the dial face. One can see jeweled bearings, bolts and other parts of the first layer underneath the dial face.  The hour markings are bright white spheres with the 12 o’clock marking replaced by Bulova’s signature tuning fork logo. Compared to the other three Bulova pieces on this list, the Accutron II is diminutive. It’s a good fit you prefer a smaller, more compact watch.