Casio Tactical Watches – 5 Reviews

casio tactical watches

Casio Tactical Watches

Casio watches are famous for their ruggedness and tactical engineering. They are purpose built for the outdoors, rigorous activity and withstanding a decent beating. In addition, they are highly water resistant. They generally come packed with many cool features. In particular, Casio’s G-Shock series really epitomize the concept of a tactical watch. Here’s a selection of five Casio tactical watches. Some are digital, some are analog and some are both!

Casio Men’s MRW200H-1BV Tactical Dive Watch

The first Casio model on this list is both diver friendly and budget friendly. This dive watch is water resistant down to 330 feet and comes with a resin rotating bezel. Also, it comes with japanese quartz powered analog movement and a day and date window at the 3 o’clock position. The all black case is also made from tough resin. The hour markings are bold, white and highly visible underwater. In addition, there is a set of smaller 24 hour time markings on the inside of the corresponding standard hour markers. These numbers sit on a jet black, grainy textured dial face background. The result is a surprisingly lightweight yet durable  timepiece.

Casio Men’s PRW-3000-1AR Protrek Tactical Watch

The first digital watch on this list, the PRW-3000 is a high end timepiece with loads of features. They include the following: atomic timekeeping, altimeter, digital compass, thermometer, barometer, sunset time data, stopwatch, calendar, battery level indicator  and alarms. It’s hard to find more features in a watch beyond getting a fitness tracker or some kind of smartwatch. This watch’s super functional, wide digital display is protected by stainless steel and resin. The band is also made of lightweight resin. If you’re looking for useful features while out in the wilderness, this watch has them. Who knows, maybe it will save your life in a survival situation!

Casio Men’s GA 100-1A1 G-Shock Military Watch

Designed for those interested in a more militaristic watch, the GA100SD-8A is a classic tactical timepiece. It’s a large, black watch but it is nonetheless lightweight and durable. The dial case is protected by Casio’s signature G shock technology, meaning it is highly shock resistant. Similar to the Protrek, the GA100 comes with many features. The watch face contains a total of 3 sub dials and 2 digital displays for options such as a 1/1000th of a second stopwatch and world time. The hour markings for the mechanical hands are white, raised trapezoids. A black grid takes up what little dial face there is left after all of the dials and subdials.

Casio Tactical Men’s Watch SGW100-1V

The other digital watch on this list, the SGW100-1V is a budget friendly yet functional. The digital display is a wide, highly visible light grey. On the rim of the digital display is the digital compass. The compass directions are printed on a white band that sits on the outside of the display. The watch itself is secured by a textured stainless steel metal stamp into a resin case. The SGW100-1V comes with bearing sensor correction and magnetic declination correction to ensure that the compass stays accurate and you don’t get lost. The Casio SGW100 provides a great, affordable alternative to the higher priced Protrek watch. While it may lack all of the bells and whistles of the Protrek, this digital timepiece is more durable and rugged.

Casio G-Shock GA110-1B Military Series Watch

This all black G Shock is industrial and sturdy in design. In overall shape and form, it is fairly similar to the other G-Shock on this list, the GA100SD. It’s big, it’s shock resistant and it’s busy. The hour and second hands are a wide, stainless steel and secured by decorative black gears. The rest of the dial face contains two digital displays and a speedometer sub dial in between the decorative blue “fork” on the dial face. Similar to the other G-Shock Military Series, the hour markings are raised white trapezoids. Other features are included such as an auto calendar, world time and 200m depth water resistance Even though there aren’t as many features as the other G-Shock one, this watch’s dial face still gives off a busier look. Overall, it’s similar in general design and aesthetics to the GA100SD.