Cool Digital Watches for Men

cool digital watches for men

Digital Watches for Men

Digital watches get a pretty bad rap. Often, they are associated with geeky high schoolers and poor aesthetic design. Picture, watches like the ones that come with happy meals or kids toys. Most guys are hesitant to even consider a digital watch. There are, however, a few cool digital watches to consider. They bring the functionality of a digital watch without skimping on aesthetics. Some of these models pack a variety useful extra features. Here’s a sampling of five cool and interesting digital watches that I found.

Rip Curl Unisex A2701 Atom Digital Watch for Men

The Rip Curl Atom is a matte black, plastic digital watch is a silicone strap. At first glance, it looks like the stereotypical digital watch; the watch case is the common hexagonal layout with the crystal display. Unlike the blockiness of most digital watches, however, it’s designed with some aesthetic considerations. It’s fairly minimalistic with a clean strap and no external bolts or protrusions.  It’s made from lightweight plastic and secured to the wrist with a silicone strap. The watch comes with the standard suite of digital watch features; there’s an alarm, a backlight, a date display and a chronograph.

Nixon Men’s Unit 40 Cool Digital Watch for Men

This Nixon Watch has a fairly unique design scheme. Underneath the mineral glass, each watch display feature gets its own partition, and there are a good number of them too. There are a total of five different partitions.  It sports a countdown timer, chronograph, dual time zone functionality and a thermometer. This is all contained in a thick steel watch case which is water resistant for swimming or snorkeling. The band is made from resin, and the rim of the dial face is protected by a slightly raised rubber bezel. Like the Vestal watch, it’s a fairly big and sturdy timepiece.

Pulsar Men’s PQ2003 World Time Digital Watch

It’s hard to think of a digital watch being “high end” but this Pulsar watch fits the description. It’s large (47mm) and sleek with a luminous stainless steel case. The display is protected by high quality Hardlex crystal which is very resistant to scratches and dings. On the dial face, the display is a spacious rounded square with quartz crystal movement. The display is a single wide square which makes the numbers highly visible. The watch features include a digital calendar and chronograph functions. The band is made from lightweight polyurethane. Side note: This exact same watch is available in an all metal model as well. It’s a good option if you want an all metal watch without having to invest in a separate band or go through the hassle of installing one. This is an eye catching, high quality digital watch.

Timex Expedition Grid Digital Watch for Men

The Timex Expedition is a big, functional digital watch designed to take a few bumps and scrapes. It’s made with outdoor use in mind. The wide, 50mm rectangular display is secured by a metal stamp onto a hardened resin case. These materials make the watch sturdy and strong. It’s color scheme is a fairly standard matte black with stainless steel for the metal stamp.  The band is resin as well and bolted onto the case in four different places. Timex didn’t neglect to put in some essential features as well. It comes with chrono, backlight and alarms with vibrate or ring option. The vibrate feature is surprisingly strong, guaranteed to get your attention.

Vestal Men’s DDDS01 Digital Doppler Watch for Men

Eschewing the usual hexagonal shape of digital watches, the Digital Doppler is a big, round watch with a clean, minimal design. Compared to most watches, it’s fairly large with a 50mm case diameter. It’s jet black with a nice, wide border around the dial face. The dial face is protected by fairly thick mineral glass, so it’s a watch that can be safely used while snorkeling or swimming. Also, the watch is made from machined, marine grade stainless  steel. It’s sturdy and durable. All of the various watch options are featured on the quartz crystal display. The Digital Doppler comes with a chronograph, an alarm and a calendar function.