Daniel Steiger Watches – 6 Watch Reviews

Daniel Steiger Watches Review

If you’re in the market for a quality watch, then Daniel Steiger watches may be worth considering. These watches make great use of quartz and automatic movement, and score quite well in the style department. Timepieces USA is the Daniel Steiger manufacturer, and has been building quality time pieces for over a decade. Steiger may be a new name to the industry, but the brand is one to be on the lookout for. The company offers quite a few variations and models, and six top picks are reviewed in this article.

Daniel Steiger 24k Gold Watch

There’s nothing classier than an all-gold watch, and this Daniel Steiger entry is the brand’s top selling model. Not only is the color scheme gold on every piece of the build, it also features a genuine swiss 99.9% gold ingot displayed clearly directly in the center of the dial. The gold ingot serves as a brilliant centerpiece to the whole design, and is sure to flash brightly in the sun for maximum effect. Gold is unlikely to lose value in the coming years, and this watch serves as both a valuable investment and lovely wrist piece.

Daniel Steiger Cobra Mens Watch

Significantly different than the other watches mentioned on this list, Daniel Steiger set the Cobra in a ceramic case and band rather than metal or plastic. The ceramic material is multiple times harder than stainless steel, weighs little, and is very difficult to scratch. To add to the overall durability of the Cobra, the dial window is built of Saphire, the strongest type of dial available on the market. The Cobra leans towards a minimalist aesthetic, featuring a black complexion and subtle details. Gold plated stainless steel details accent the band, and the dial is studded with four white diamonds. The gold hands and hour markers favor simple efficiency, and are set against a sold black background without any distracting dials or meters. The Cobra is definitely unique, and an excellent addition to the collection for every modern man.

Daniel Steiger Phantom RX Gold & Black Watch

This model is another Daniel Steiger watch with two tone color styling. Both the band and the case are made from stainless steel with a rose gold strip nestled in the midst of black colored steel on the fully adjustable bracelet. The bracelet uses a diver’s buckle, and is 7.48 inches in length. The crystal is made from mineral glass, and the case comes in a width of 44 mm. The watch makes use of quartz movement and will keep accurate time for years to come. The dial has hour markings without numbers, and a date window is included at the 5 o’clock position. The Phantom RX watch is priced around $250.

Daniel Steiger White & Gold Phantom Watch

The phantom receives its name from the design of the base and the case. Both band and case are made from stainless steel, and have accents created out of 18kt gold fused metal. The dial is multi-leveled with three mini dials adorning the dial. The watch operates on precision chronograph movement with 1/10th of a second measuring capabilities. This piece comes with a five year movement warranty, and is priced at around $220. If you’re looking for a stylish watch at a reasonable price, the phantom is worth considering.

Men’s Daniel Steiger 7058D-M Equinox Diamond Watch

The Equinox is an attractive time piece named after the rare event of an exact split between night and day within a 24 hour period. Following this theme, the black stainless steel band and bezel represent night time, while the rose gold accents and disc represent day. This interesting play on contrast will likely attract positive attention and stand out from the typical watch bearing crowd. Six real diamonds are set in the dial for a touch of flair, and add a nice sparkle similar to stars in the night sky. Precision Swiss quartz movement ensures excellent accuracy, and overall the Equinox is another great addition to the Daniel Steiger line.

Daniel Steiger Lazer Blue Two Tone Watch

This model features an interesting combination of both classic style and contemporary digital features. The time can be read using typical hands and hour markers, while hours, days of the week, and seconds are also available on the digital displays. The band is predominantly made of stainless steel, with a strip of 18k yellow gold in the middle for added flair and class. The name of the watch comes from the Lazer blue coloring within the crystal, which offers a unique blue tinged viewing experience. The Lazer Blue is a hybrid watch that combines mechanical and electronic movement for maximum efficiency. The model is definitely one of a kind, and comes in at a reasonable price of a little over $200.

The Quality of Daniel Steiger Watches

Daniel Steiger makes timeless watches that are fashionable for any activity. These watches look good with casual attire, as well as with formal attire. There are many case styles to choose from, along with a variety of movements. The price for these watches in general are also quite reasonable. With so many options, choosing a Daniel Steiger watch that is right for your wrist should be easy, and in most cases will be a simple matter of preference.