Stuhrling Watches Review- The Top 10 Models of 2020

stuhrling watches review

Stuhrling Watches Review

Stuhrling watches are constructed with a thoughtful and passionate approach to watchmaking. Combining the latest in modern watch making techniques with design choices that achieve timeless grace and beauty, Stuhrling has stayed on top of it’s game since inception in 1999. Swiss standard watchmaking at a reasonable price is not a common combination, and has not been lost on Stuhrling’s many customers. The following chart represents 10 top selling models, along with brief reviews of each one.

 PicReviewCollectionPriceStarsMovementSizeCheck Price
recommended-1.ReviewDiver$ratingQuartz42 mm.
recommended-1.ReviewAviator$ratingQuartz44 mm.
.ReviewAtrium$$ratingAutomatic42 mm.
recommended-1.ReviewDelphi$$$ratingAutomatic42 mm.
.ReviewExecutive$$ratingAutomatic44 mm.
.ReviewOriginal Winchester$ratingQuartz42 mm.
.ReviewEmperor's Grandeur$$ratingAutomatic48 mm.
.ReviewSymphony$$$ratingAutomatic45 mm.
.ReviewAlbion$ratingQuartz40 mm.
.ReviewMonoco$$ratingQuartz42 mm.

Stuhrling Original 395.33B11 Aquadiver Regatta Watch Review

stuhrling Aquadiver Regatta Watch 395.33B11


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The Stuhrling Aquadiver Regatta is an affordable diver’s watch. It features a 42-millimeter case with Krysterna crystal and Swiss quartz movement.

The timepiece has a simple shape that is not too imposing. The sides of the case, the tops of the lugs and the ends of the crown guards are smoothly rounded.

With lugs that curve downward, this watch sits well even on smaller wrists. The lugs allow the watch case to sit close to the arm whether or not the bands are tightly fastened.

The case and the bands are made from stainless steel. This material won’t corrode in the water. This feature is important for a diving watch. The Aquadiver Regatta is waterproof up to 200 meters, or 660 feet.

Another feature that makes this an ideal watch for water sports is the screw-in crown. This prevents water from getting in through the side of the watch.

The analog display features large, white numbers that are easy to read against the black background. The luminous dials let you tell the time even when you’re deep below the water or in another dim environment.

The stainless-steel bands have everyday appeal that takes the watch from the water to dry land. You can wear it just as easily to the office as to your next dive. However, the bands aren’t the most comfortable for wearing during strenuous activity. The company does offer other materials that can be swapped out using the spring-loaded bars at the end of the lugs.

  • Great value.
  • Date is small and hard to read.
  • Well-designed, streamlined watch face.
  • Stainless-steel bands not ideal for workouts or outdoor activities.
  • Easy-to-read time markers.
  • Some users say rotating bezel feels looser than they expected.
  • Case shaped well for smaller wrists.
  • Stuhrling Original 699.02 Aviator Watch Review

    stuhrling original 699.02 Aviator Watch


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    The Stuhrling Aviator Quartz is a classic timepiece. The 44-millimeter round watch face is sleek and unassuming. The Krysterna crystal window is shatterproof, making this watch ideal for wearing every day or for more rugged activities. Japanese quartz movement powers the Stuhrling Aviator.

    Although the watch has a simple design, small details make it stand out. The charcoal-colored watch face is textured, creating an interesting effect that contrasts with the numerals. The leather band is accented with silver studs near the lugs for a bolder aesthetic.

    One of the standout features of this watch is that it shows the day of the week as well as the numeric date. The indicators are well-designed and don’t make the watch face look cluttered.

    The calfskin leather band is comfortable against the wrist. When it comes to staying put on your arm, the leather is better than stainless steel. You can even wear it while you participate in water sports. The watch is water resistant up to 100 meters, or 330 feet.

  • Attractive and unique detailing.

  • May have to adjust the day at the end of the month.

  • Shatterproof crystal makes it ideal for the active lifestyle.

  • Leather band may lose durability with use.

  • Hands and time markers are luminous for easy viewing in the dark.

  • Stuhrling Original 747.01 Atrium Automatic Skeleton Watch Review

    Stuhrling Original 747.01 Atrium Automatic Skeleton Watch


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    The Stuhrling Atrium is a classic timepiece with striking detailing that is powered by ST-90050 automatic, self-winding movement. An everyday watch that’s a bit more refined than many basic styles, it has a 42-millimeter stainless-steel case and a polished bezel. The bezel is beveled and looks sleek against the wrist.

    The Krysterna crystal protects the front and the back of the case. The front of the watch face is partially cut out to provide a glimpse of the skeleton. The back of the watch also reveals its inner workings. This imparts elegance and grace to the watch.

    The Roman numerals on the silver-stamped analog display are bold and easy to read. The Breguet-style hands are a stunning blue color.

    An alligator-embossed leather strap is a dark chocolate brown that complements many styles of dress. At 22 millimeters, it’s wide enough to be comfortable but narrow enough to allow for flexible movement.

  • Stylish everyday watch with unique details.

  • The hands are not illuminated, making it difficult to read in the dark.

  • Self-winding feature eliminates need for replacing a battery.

  • Not ideal for wearing while working out or doing strenuous activity.

  • Water resistant to 50 meters, or 165 feet, for swimming or showering.

  • The watch may slow down if not worn for several hours.

  • Stuhrling Original 657.02 Delphi Dual Time Indicator Watch Review

    Stuhrling Original 657.02 Delphi Automatic Watch


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    The Stuhrling Delphi has a complex display that’s different than the face of your basic timepiece. The round watch has a black skeleton dial with a modern feel. No number indicators clutter the watch face. Instead, delicate ticking marks surround the 42-millimeter stainless-steel case.

    Shatter-resistant Krysterna crystal protects the watch from scuffs and breaks. The automatic self-winding movement powers the timepiece. It’s powered by the activity of your wrist.

    The dials on the watch show you different time zones. The AM/PM indicator has a simple image of the moon and the sun to tell you whether it’s day or night.

    The black leather strap is comfortable and supports the size of the watch well. The dark color of the band and the watch face add to the masculine elegance of this timepiece. It can be worn as an everyday watch and transitions well from casual to upscale attire.

  • Handsome everyday watch at a good price point.

  • The watch may slow down if not worn for several hours.

  • Unique details set this watch apart.

  • Not ideal for wearing during exercise or intense physical activity.

  • Don't have to remove it for showering; water resistant to 50 meters, or 165 feet.

  • Stuhrling Original 133.33151 Executive Automatic Skeleton Watch Review

    stuhrling original executive skeleton watch 133.33151


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    If you want an impressive watch that will capture attention, this is it. The Stuhrling Executive watch has upscale features and an extraordinary design. The 44-millimeter stainless-steel case has sleek, beveled edges. The bright metal complements the dazzling black skeleton dial.

    The watch is powered by an automatic, self-winding movement. You won’t have to replace the battery as long as you continue to wear the watch.

    The skeletonized dial has a graphic look. Different tones of metal contrast with the surrounding toned-down watch face. The interior is engraved with graceful scrollwork. You won’t find too many numbers crowding the dial.

    The genuine leather strap is black and has a slight sheen to it. It looks sophisticated with your dress clothes but is suitable to wear with your casual outfits. The stainless-steel tang buckle is solid and commanding.

  • Striking design.

  • Silver hands are hard to see against metallic skeleton.

  • Elegant look that works well with many styles.

  • Not ideal for wearing during intense activity.

  • Water resistant to 50 meters, or 165 feet.

  • Stuhrling Original Winchester Black Watch 881.03 Review

    stuhrling original winchester 881.03


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    The Winchester is characterized by elegant minimalism. You don’t get much simpler than the spoke-style dial. Roman numerals extend from the dial to the bezel. The transparent areas between the numerals allow you to see through the watch. This creates an uncluttered look on the face of the eye-catching timepiece.

    The screw-on bezel is made of black surgical-grade stainless steel. It’s polished for a refined look that is not too flashy. Tiny screws dot the bezel, giving the otherwise delicate watch a more industrial look. The sizeable lugs that hold the bands also lend the Stuhrling Winchester a masculine feel.

    Krysterna crystal protects the 42-millimeter face. It also protects the gears and movement on the back of the case.

    The black leather band is 22 millimeters wide. It’s embossed to look like alligator for added sophistication.

    With automatic Swiss quartz movement and water resistance to 50 meters, or 165 feet, this watch is ideal for everyday use. You can wear it in the shower or for brief periods of swimming. However, it’s not meant to be worn for diving or snorkeling.

  • Elegant design has a business-casual feel that can be worn every day.

  • Exposed crystal may be susceptible to scratches.

  • Water resistance protects it when you’re showering or washing your hands.

  • Gray minute hand can be hard to spot.

  • Although it has a large face, the watch is light and unobtrusive.

  • May need to be wound by hand frequently, especially if it is not worn consistently.

  • Stuhrling Original Men’s Watch 127A.3315C2 Emperor’s Grandeur Review

    stuhrling original 127A.3315C2 Emperor's Grandeur Watch


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    If you want a watch that looks unlike any other, the Stuhrling Emperor’s Grandeur may allow you to stop searching. Almost everything about its styling is unique and mesmerizing.

    The 50-millimeter case is large. It dominates your wrist with thick, polished stainless steel. The skeleton dial lets you see the movement from the front of the watch. Every detail of the internal craftsmanship is on display. The watch is completely mechanical and is made with centuries-old artistry.

    Automatic movement with a 60-hour power reserve requires no batteries to operate. The watch can run for five days without being wound.

    Another standout feature of the watch face is the animated sun and moon display. The Emperor’s Grandeur is a sophisticated accessory that looks like jewelry on your wrist.

    One of the most exclusive elements of this timepiece is that it combines the look of a wristwatch with that of a pocket watch. The band attaches to a large, rounded lug that surrounds the crown. It fastens to the other side of the watch with a subtle pin.

  • Distinctive style.

  • Clasp can be difficult to use.

  • Krysterna crystal protects front and back of case.

  • Extremely large watch may not be comfortable on smaller wrists.

  • Water resistant to 10 meters, or 33 feet.

  • Stuhrling Original Men’s Watch 8411.33112 Symphony Automatic Review

    stuhrling original Symphony Automatic 8411.33112 watch


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    The Stuhrling Symphony Automatic is a stainless-steel watch with several unique details. The ribbed bezel adds a delicate element to the stately design. The rounded, onion-style crown also has texture to complement the bezel.

    The Arabic numerals on the watch face are easy to read. The skeleton dial shows the detailed scrollwork and movement within the timepiece. The brushed steel is toned down for casual elegance.

    Different displays give you versatility in keeping track of time. The AM/PM indicator is beautifully designed and animated. The flying wheel takes the place of a second hand. The dual-time feature allows you to keep time in two different time zones.

    This is not the type of watch that you’d want to wear on a hike or to the gym. However, it is an elegant piece to complement your everyday style.

  • Moderate size and weight for comfort and convenience.

  • Numerals are not illuminated.

  • Versatile displays show dual time, flying wheel and AM/PM indicator.

  • Stainless-steel bracelet can be difficult to size properly.

  • Water resistant to 50 meters, or 165 feet.

  • Metal band may not be as comfortable as leather.

  • Stuhrling Original 125G.33116 Men’s Watch Albion Review

    stuhrling original 125G.33116 Albion Watch


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    Modern style and classic elegance are combined in the Stuhrling Albion timepiece. Every detail of the sleek design is unique.

    The blue polished dial looks luminous when it catches the light. The tonneau-shaped case is made of surgical-grade stainless steel.

    The smooth case contrasts with the textured mesh of the stainless-steel band. This gives the graceful watch a touch of ruggedness.

    The luminous obelisk-style hands allow you to tell time easily in the dark. The numbers are represented by contemporary stick markers for an uncluttered face. A 60-second subdial gives you more versatility when recording the time.

  • Smaller size fits more wrist sizes.

  • Strap can’t be extended for larger wrists.

  • Protective Krysterna crystal covers the face.

  • Polished case may scratch easily.

  • Water resistant to 50 meters, or 165 feet.

  • Some users have had problems with the clasp loosening.

  • Stuhrling Original Men’s Monaco Watch 803.03 Review

    stuhrling original Monaco 803.03 Watch


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    A masculine, stately watch without the added complexity of a showier design, the Monaco is an ideal casual timepiece.

    The round, 42-millimeter case is bordered by smooth stainless steel. Chunky buttons on the outer edge bring heft to the minimalist style. The rose-tone dial is a unique color but complements any skin tone or clothing style.

    Krysterna crystal protects the face of the watch. Stainless steel covers the back of the case. The genuine leather band is a medium brown that sits back, letting the watch face speak for itself.

    The chronograph gives you more options for recording time on this analog watch. Japanese quartz movement powers the timepiece.

  • Comfortable strap.

  • Some consumers find the dial to have too much of a rosy tint

  • Large face is not thick or heavy on the wrist.

  • Leather band can lose durability if subjected to moisture over time.

  • Water resistant to 50 meters, or 165 feet.