The Best Dive Watches Under $500

best dive watches under 500

Dive Watches Under 500

Finding the right dive watch is important for those who enjoy diving as a frequent hobby, especially since a watch can be an expensive, long-term investment. Additionally, dive conditions can be harsh on a watch over many months or years with salt water corrosion, high pressure conditions, and active use. Buying a watch that’s sure to stand the test of time and use is critical, and it’s important to research and pick the right watch before making such a big purchase. In regard to price, while highly-expensive watches are nice, most people tend to want functional yet stylish watches for under $500. This is a good price point to consider, and probably where a buyer can get the most value for the money they spend in terms of quality and functionality. For these reasons, listed here are the five best dive watches under $500 along with a brief description of what makes them great.

Seiko Men’s SSC017 Solar Dive Watch

This Seiko watch is a bargain on Amazon, and although it may be less expensive than some other choices, it’s a great looking watch with lots to offer. This watch utilizes a Japanese quartz movement with an analog display, and it’s regarded as being highly accurate, even after long periods of use. There are three sub dials on the face of the watch which display sub seconds, hours, and minutes as well as a numerical display for the date. The hands and markers are luminous and the bezel is adjustable too. Both the watch case and the band are handsomely crafted from stainless steel, and the watch is water-resistant to 200 meters, or 660 feet. Finally, the battery is solar-charged and never needs to the battery changed, making this watch a great deal and easy to own.

Jiusko Deep Sea Dive Watch

The Jiusko Deep Sea 72LSB12 is a bit more on the expensive side, but it’s still an excellent choice for the dive enthusiast who wants a classy, everyday wearable watch. The Jiusko comes with green and orange accents, and features luminous hands, dials, and markings. The movement is Japanese multifunction quartz, and the watch is constructed out of stainless steel. Three sub dials are situated on the face of the watch, and it contains a date display as well. This watch also boasts a diver’s wetsuit extension, making it even more dive-friendly along with its 300 meter depth rating. The battery however is only rated to have a three year lifespan, and must be changed accordingly.

Citizen Men’s BN0085 Dive Watch

The Citizen Men’s BN0085 is an extremely reasonably priced dive watch, and it’s perhaps one of the best options for the recreational scuba diver. The Citizen uses Japanese quartz movement and displays a simple watch face with luminous markings and hands as well as a date display. The band is a comfortable rubber strap, and the case is made from stainless steel. This watch also features a one-way rotating bezel and is rated to be suitable for depths of up to 300 meters, or 1000 feet.

Invicta Men’s 6051 Reserve Collection Venom Dive Watch

The Invicta Men’s 6051 Reserve Collection Venom offers great value to diving enthusiasts everywhere. This watch has a polyurethane strap with a brushed and polished stainless steel case. The face of the watch is black, and the contrast with the luminous white markings and hands make the time easy to read in all settings. The chronograph functions and sub dials are for minutes, seconds, and sub seconds, and the watch also includes a display for the date. The bezel for the watch is unidirectional, and it utilizes a Swiss quartz movement. The Invicta is measured to be water resistant to an astounding depth of 3280 feet, and Invicta even generously offers a 5-year warranty included with shipment, making this the perfect watch for serious divers. For an article on the best Invicta Pro Divers, click here.

Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Dive Watch for Men

The Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Auto is a little pricey, but is well worth the money. The Hamilton is dressed in all stainless steel with a gorgeous black face set against its white markings and hands. It’s the perfect watch to both dress up and take on a recreational scuba trip. The watch utilizes a Swiss automatic movement and has both day and date displays available. While Swiss automatic watches aren’t known to be the most accurate, it isn’t necessarily the accuracy that accounts for the high price, but the design, craftsmanship, and engineering of the timepiece. Nevertheless, the Hamilton still retains a high degree of accuracy regardless of its Swiss automatic movement. The Hamilton is only water resistant to 100 meters, although this should be plenty for the recreational or occasional diver.