Large Face Invicta Watches

large face invicta watches

Large Invicta Watches

Invicta is well known for their wide range of watches with large faces, and the feature is practically synonymous with the brand. Large faces make a bold statement, and represent a very masculine display of confidence. Although there are many large face Invicta watches to choose from, not every piece will match each individual’s personal style. These five models are among Invicta’s most popular models, and are guaranteed to satisfy.

#1: Invicta Ocean Ghost II

The Invicta Ocean Ghost II is a diver’s watch that will remain functional up to 660 feet underwater. The case diameter is larger than average at 47 mm, and suits larger wrists or larger personalities. The watch has a metal band that works perfectly with work attire, and also looks beautiful when you leave the house for a weekend in town. The Ocean Ghost II is a great watch for the active man who needs a watch they can wear for any occasion. Consider the Ocean Ghost II your all-purpose watch for work and play.

#2: Invicta Pro Diver Gold Plated 18K Watch

The Pro Diver is a gold plated watch that will fit in nicely as a member of any fancy jewelry collection, and features many of the same benefits as the Ocean Ghost. The beautifully beveled band is a striking addition to any wrist, and the deep blue dial is an excellent complement. You may dive up to 660 feet with this watch, and the jewels at every hour help highlight the lovely face. If you’re going to wear a noticeable large faced watch, it might as well be fancy, and this model certainly fits the bill.

#3: Invicta Pro Diver Black Polyurethane Watch

This version of the Pro Diver watch is unique in that it features a polyurethane band mixed with the gold accents from the traditional pro diver. The rim of the watch fuses polyurethane with gold numbering, and the black face is offset by gold details. Invicta is the only brand that I’m aware of that has combined polyurethane and gold steel in this manner. Polyurethane is lightweight, water resistant, and comfortable. While this watch is a stark contrast between two very opposite colors, it features the same functionality as the Pro Diver, along with a nice big and bold face.

This is an interesting watch to wear with your casual clothing, or you may match this watch with your black formal clothing. Gold jewelry will work well with this watch, and the black polyurethane could complement a suit or shoes.

#4: Invicta Force Collection 1516 Ion-Plated Watch

The Invicta Force Collection pairs a large blue face with gold styling and black band. This is the ultimate watch for mariners and pilots who need a watch that will perform in all environments. The black fabric band on the Force Collection watch helps dive to a depth of up to 100 meters, and the face on the watch is easy to see under low light. The outer rim has a tachymeter that measures your timing up to a tenth of a second, and the chronograph can be used for precise time keeping when needed.

#5: Invicta Russian Skeleton Diver’s Watch

The Invicta 1089 is a unique watch that pairs well with a strong personality. This watch is styled in rose gold with a black band, and the face is cut with a variety of mechanical shapes that really differentiate the piece from its rivals. You cannot dive to great depths in this watch, but its large bold presence is certainly a conversation starter. The small chain that connects to spindle makes the watch look like a tiny submarine, and the blue band is top quality. The Russian Diver features one of the largest faces on this list, and is best suited to a tall individual.

Choosing a Large Face Invicta Watch

Invicta is committed to quality craftsmanship, and any member on this list is a worthwhile investment. The Russian Skeleton watch will make a statement wherever you go, and the Pro Diver will bathe your wrist in a gold hue. Every feature you could ever need has a place on this list, and many of the models have multiple coloring options. Good luck on your hunt!